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Peace Process by Run Child Run. On his latest, Ian Sims seeks healing in the aftermath of a breakup.

Ben 10 Omniverse - A New Beginning (Vol. 1) DVD

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The Beginning of the End Falling I Can't Hurt You Falling In Love Lo Siento In silence, Ben reads a newspaper on his bed while Gus ties his shoelaces on his bed. Gus finishes and walks to the kitchen door, then stops and shakes his foot. Ben watches as Gus takes a flattened matchbox out of his shoe. After he and Ben exchange a glance, Gus puts it in his pocket.

From his other shoe, he takes out a flattened cigarette carton. They exchange another look, and Gus puts the carton in his pocket before he leaves for the bathroom. There's a sound of the toilet chain being pulled without it flushing, and Gus returns. Ben angrily relates to Gus a newspaper article, which reports on an elderly man who tried to cross a busy street by crawling under a truck, which then ran over him.

Gus agrees that it is abominable. Gus again tries to flush the toilet, but it doesn't work.

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  • When he returns, Ben orders him to make tea. Gus admires the dishware.

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    He asks Ben for a cigarette, and hopes, "it won't be a long job. Gus then asks if Ben has noticed how long it takes for the toilet tank to fill. Ben suggests that it is a "deficient ballcock. Gus complains that he didn't sleep well on the bed and then sees a picture on the wall of cricket players entitled "The First Eleven. He wishes for a window in the room and laments that his life revolves around entering a dark room he's never seen before, sleeping all day, doing a job, and then leaving at night.

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    Ben tells him that they are fortunate to be employed only once a week and tells Gus his problem is a lack of interests. Ben, for example, has woodwork and model boats, and never stays idle.

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    Gus asks if Ben ever gets fed up, but they soon fall silent. The toilet finally flushes, which Gus comments on before further criticizing the basement. Ben commands him to make tea, as they will be "on the job" very soon.


    Ben by Daniel Shelton for November 29, 12222

    As Gus takes out a tea bag and examines it, he asks Gus why he stopped the car that morning in the middle of the road. Ben says that they were early. Gus asks if they were too early to move in, which explains why the sheets seemed dirty to him. Gus has forgotten what town they are in and Ben tells him that they are in Birmingham.