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Nothing we could do could persuade them to leave the hook, which they had learned to live with as their blood brother , because it was letting their own blood.

De Hansard archive. He saved the sultan's daughter from an unwanted marriage after she entreated him, as her blood brother , to help her. Extrait de Wikipedia.

This is similar, in many ways, to becoming a blood brother. We are in the most literal sense blood brothers and blood sisters. Extrait de Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. I know they all love one another like real blood brothers.

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I will return to the point of what our blood brothers are saying out there. It would not have been that these men were innocent; it would have been that they were guilty because they were being welcomed home by their blood brothers. In Heirs to the Blood you get Hay Ride for chocking recursion and Slake the Thirst for some close to broken-level bloating. From outside of this set, try to get hold of some copies of New Blood for crypt diversity.

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From the Lost Kindred set , add Blood Buff for more skill and maybe some Camaraderie for much needed bleed defense, and you might have something raking in enough ousts to envy your fellow Methuselahs. The dynamic between all members is unhinged — a chemistry of the most literal, reactive, and explosive sense. The guitars seemingly play a fatal game of chicken with the vocals, both bursting at the seams with pent-up energy, daring each other to break formation first and erupt.

Drums metamorph into any tempo needed, but handles fast, punky fury the best. The fires that scorched Piano Island would last a few more years, carrying over into albums like Young Machetes my favorite and Crimes. They were one of few bands I would call indispensable at that point in life.

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Their legacy should remain untouched, sealed away like a kemetic god. What a band — what a time.

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Damn, I was waiting for this. The Blood Brothers ring a bell for many, but they are still very overlooked.

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So, who are The Blood Brothers? Primarily, a post-hardcore band founded in Redmond, near Seattle. And who are The Blood Brothers really? An ultra-expressive powerhouse, which combined post-hardcore, screamo, noise rock, grind, prog, and a good chunk of The Mars Volta -extravaganza.

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You definitely should be! The album saw their most apollonian combination of influence, while still being charmingly all over the place as well as powerfully flamboyant. Produced by legendary engineer wizard Ross Robinson, the band crystallized an impressive balance out of juvenile compulsion and restlessness on this album, without missing out on mature, progressive ideas and elegance.