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The truth is Sophie took the job with one purpose in mind: to help her aunt. Two of the three Hanover brothers stood on the lawn below, pacing around a wood chipper and apparently trying to stare it into working. Just business as usual for Declan and Callen, the two oldest members of the ridiculously blessed Hanover male gene pool.

If experience were any indication, sooner or later one or both would cave in and drag out the toolbox. Then anything could happen. But they were not her concern at the moment.

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The younger, sexier and currently unaccounted for youngest brother, Beckett, was the problem. For her, Beck was always the problem. He entered the room and her stomach performed a perfect backflip, something completely foreign to her and, she suspected, abnormal in general.

But that thing where her mind buzzed and words stammered in her throat…yeah, that was new. She dropped the curtain and moved away from the window. And not at all welcome. He stood tall and lean with a smile that highlighted a drop-your-panties dimple in his cheek.

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Not that she got to see the smile all that much. He spent a good amount of the workday following her around and frowning. She was starting to wonder if that was some sort of lawyer thing because he was one, which became obvious whenever he launched into a droning argument about something. Man, the guy could talk. Though she had to admit he also was pretty good at standing around looking sort of irresistible in faded jeans. The way his soft brown hair laid against his collar and dropped over his eyes tested her control.

She spent most of the time around him wanting to brush the overly long bangs off his face…and the rest wanting to kiss those lips. Then there were the times when she wanted to strangle him. She rubbed her hands together as she tried to gather her focus again. Shadow Hill was big and beautiful, with acres of land and miles of potential, but thanks to the recent decision of the Hanover boys to stay in Sweetwater, Oregon rather than sell the place and head out, her time was almost up.

Cleaning those stupid grout lines between the kitchen tiles was back breaking work. Dumping the paper towel roll into her bucket, she headed for the door to the hallway.

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Not her. Two months ago she worked as a receptionist in an insurance firm in Seattle. Now she snuck around, opening cabinets and checking floorboards for hollow spaces. In the hall, Sophie glanced around for any sign of Beck. The clanking in the kitchen on the floor below had her smiling and thinking about him making scrambled eggs for the umpteenth lunch in a row. Eyeing the grand staircase that curved down to the first floor, she waited for one of the brothers to spring up. When none appeared, she started moving. With one hand she pushed the hall bathroom door open, ignoring the creak as she spun and jumped inside.

Her back hit the door and her eyes closed in relief.

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It took her a second to realize her sneakers slid across the black and white checkered tile beneath her and a wall of heated steam smacked her face. When she opened her eyes again, she came face to shoulders with bare skin. And what's worse, the man clearly doesn't think I'm worth the time of day. But despite trying to ignore my attraction to the mysterious doctor, I can't help but be drawn to him. Lost and Found Summary.

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