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Cuckservative, the portmanteau that insults moderate Republicans by accusing them of being cuckolds — men whose wives cheat on them — started trending in the alt-right two years ago. Chaucer, Spenser, and Shakespeare all made frequent use of the term. So how did a literally medieval insult end up in modern American politics?

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Some blame pornography — in the past decade, the archaic term has enjoyed a resurgence in online smut and fetish sex, where it functions as an emasculating subgenre of partner-swapping. As a modern sexual practice, cucking requires an ostensibly heterosexual man to watch as another man penetrates his wife.

The goal, generally, is eroticized humiliation of the cuck as a form of emotional masochism. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, after whom masochism was named, was a fan.

Cuckolds and masculinity

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Like this: Like Loading Comments with opposing viewpoints are allowed if they are not written in an unnecessarily confrontational or arrogant manner. By Deborah Swift. The symbol universally associated with cuckolding was a pair of ram's horns.

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Strength, power and supremacy, along with procreative vigor have always been associated with horns, which are used when the animal fights its rival in the mating season. In some cultures today, horns are still used symbolically, and powdered rhinoceros horn is still sold in Asia as an aphrodisiac. What we must understand as modern readers is that the horns had connotations of the Devil, that the mention of them was full of sexual innuendo.