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On se reverra Milady Policier et suspense. Lastman Tome 12 Casterman BD et mangas. Her peaceful existence on the ark of Anima is interrupted when she is promised in marriage to Thorn, a taciturn and influential member of a powerful clan from a distant ark, the cold and icy Pole.

There, in the company of her inscrutable future husband, Ophelia slowly realizes that she is a pawn in a political game that will have far-reaching ramifications not only for her but for her entire world. The worldbuilding is incredible and Ophelia is a heroine you can immediately relate to: clever, resourceful, and constantly underestimated.

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Dabos delights and thrills readers as Ophelia finds herself caught in the middle of political intrigue and deadly secrets with nothing but her wits to keep her alive. When Farouk, the ancestral Spirit of Pole, promotes her to Vice-storyteller, Ophelia finds herself thrust into the public spotlight.

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  • Now that her powers and the threat they present to the secretive denizens of this world are known to all, she must uncover at her own expense the plots that have been brewing beneath the golden rafters of Citaceleste. That was why she felt particularly ill at ease among the courtiers now jostling her.

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    They were all Mirages, the masters of illusionism. With their imposing stature, pale hair, light eyes and clan tattoos, Ophelia felt even more diminutive, more dark-haired, more short-sighted and more of a stranger than ever in their midst. Occasionally, they would look snootily down at her. Or her mind.

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    She had a cracked rib, a black eye, and a slashed cheek following her recent ordeals. Best not to make things even worse.