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Dirty linen "personal or familial secrets" is first recorded s. Dirty work in the figurative sense is from ; dirty trick is from s. The dirty look someone gives you is from ; dirty old man "superannuated lecher" is from Related: dirtiness. Synonyms for dirty contaminated crummy disheveled dusty filthy greasy grimy messy muddy murky nasty polluted sloppy stained unkempt bedraggled begrimed black defiled disarrayed foul fouled smudged spattered spotted sullied cruddy dishabille dreggy dungy grubby grungy icky lousy mucky mung pigpen raunchy scummy scuzzy slatternly slimy slovenly smutty sooty squalid straggly undusted unhygienic unlaundered unsanitary unsightly unswept untidy unwashed yucky MOST RELEVANT.

Didn't Shandy always have a gob of it in his cheek—the dirty pig? Sep'17 Cosmic Visons out of Spiral Symphonies Dec'17 Navid Nuur Dec'17 Business Is My Art Jan'18 Zafos Xagoriras Feb'18 Open Every Day Feb'18 Xenia Kalpaktsoglou Mar— Apr'18 Revolution or Bust!

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Oct'14 Non-Stop Plaza Oct'14 Parking Club Oct'14 Non-Stop Plaza Exhibition Nov'14 Pump Up The Volume Nov'14 Michael Beutler To make dirty: befoul , begrime , besmirch , besoil , black , blacken , defile , smudge , smutch , soil , sully. To contaminate the reputation of: befoul , besmear , besmirch , bespatter , blacken , cloud , denigrate , smear , smudge , smut , soil , spatter , stain , sully , taint , tarnish.

ADJ dirtier compar dirtiest superl 1.

ADV 1. His shoes are covered in dirt.

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Mentioned in? Augean automysophobia bawdy bedirty bedraggled befoul befouled begrime begrimed bemire besmirch black blue joke blue story buggy clean clothes hamper cobwebby colly.

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References in classic literature? Troy taking Robert Moody with him as a valuable witness rang the bell at the mean and dirty lodging-house in which Old Sharon received the clients who stood in need of his advice.

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View in context. He longed to get into that water, however dirty it might be, and he glanced round at the pool from whence came sounds of shrieks and laughter. Dirty , ill-looking, scowling men; dirty , slovenly, and wickedly ugly women; children to match, snarling, filthy little curs, with a ready beggar's whine on occasion.

It was dirty and untidy, and it was filled with a pungent odour made up of many different stinks. He always wore a dirty white waistcoat out of the pockets of which protruded a number of the kind of black ci- gars known as stogies. Perhaps it may, but then, my dear, it will be so dirty.