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This can be successful as gold tends to react very differently to a lot of mainstream, more modern investments such as equities, property and bonds. This type of negative correlation is effective for limiting damage to your investments, as it acts as a form of insurance.

For example, if your stocks had significantly decreased in value, it is quite likely that your gold investment would increase in value over the same time period. A great advantage of gold is that it gives you portable wealth which you can exchange for goods and services around the world, avoiding dependency on a single currency.

As gold has a high density and a high value, it does not take up much space and can be easily transported in relatively small amounts, in the form of gold coins or gold bars.

It has a universally recognised value and can be exchanged for a cash value in many places around the world. Find us on : Google Maps or On the Tube.

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And remember you can unsubscribe at any time. Just look at the last 10 years of the value of bars and coins and you see that if there is any rise in value it is the rise of the sellers price and not that you could sell your silver for a profit. A safe deposit box at the bank? Countless people have made articles on this. The answer is absolutely not with a bank!

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Oh wow, you are so far off in left field. People like me buy silver for when the dollar collapses. We want the price to keep going down to lower the dollar cost average. I stack gold and silver an insurance policy for my grandchildren. I love them!! I am certain that our monetary system will collapse when?? The global financial system is based on ever increasing amounts of debt.

A warning about Investing in Gold...

The endgame outcome is certain, the path is uncertain. Stocks and real estate looks very expensive relative to PMs.

Why Is Gold a Safe Haven?

I am super leveraged on real estate where I earn a good rental yield but have also been accumulating silver and gold in lieu of keeping cash in the bank. You cannot compare investing in PMs with investing in stocks or real estate, its apples and pears. I would rather invest in silver than keep excess money in the bank. Im happy to keep my silver with my broker for the next few years until I have a better handle on the global outlook. Long term plan is to take delivery to avoid paying longterm storage costs and have my children inherit the bulk of my PMs. In fact, I dont have any savings accounts for them.

I allocate a portion of my PMs to them each month as if I would be saving fiat ccy for them. I suspect the value of my PMs during the next economic downturn will be enough to cover most or all of my housing loans. Then I will increase my cashflow and look forward to retirement. But Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair hit the nail on the head for me. There is no way that the world can pay the debt, something has to give. Your email address will not be published. Is gold a good hedge investment? Get an in depth market report for free!

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Someone who bought an ounce of gold in early will tell you that it was an excellent time to invest in gold bullion. Someone who invested in September , however, may well tell you that it was a bad time to buy gold, as the metal lost around a third of its value over the next two years.

Click here to view the gold price throughout history. However, in truth, investors looking to make a quick return will often look elsewhere and, while it's not impossible to achieve this with gold, most investment in precious metals is of a different nature. A safe-haven is an asset, i. Such assets therefore become very popular in times of economic or political uncertainty, when confidence in banks or other forms of investment is low.

Gold's Long-term Investment Case Hasn’t Changed, Says Aberdeen Standard Investments

Buying gold as a safe-haven for when times are hard. Gold has always been a popular safe-haven for this exact reason. It is a commodity that has always retained a high value due to its rarity, universal appeal, and its resistance to inflation.