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marbled banana bread – smitten kitchen

Thanks so much! Hi from the UK. Always looking for a great banana loaf recipe and this looks like it could be that. I am all for approximation, but surely 3 peeled bananas could be anything from around g to 3 times that or more. Do US bananas come in a standard size? How much should I aim for in weight please? PS loved the browniest cookies.

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An all time favourite. They make awesome cupcakes! They took about 20 minutes to bake at I also browned the butter…yum! My 8 year old and I enjoyed swirling the batter for each of the 12 cupcakes :. This is one of my favorite dish.!!!!!

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Told my friends and they made it immediately and also agreed. Chocolate and bananas are such a good combo.

Marble Cake Recipe

Think this would work? Can that be subbed? Ps I added one tablespoon bourbon to batter. I see people have had success making this into muffins and I always have with both the jacked up banana bread and the double chocolate banana bread!

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How would you suggest layering the batter so the muffins come out marbled? This is amazing and so easy to make! Not too sweet which is perfect! The swirling is easy to do but looks very impressive. I used three medium bananas and it was still fine. A nice change from classic banana bread. My cake came out totally flat and I was like what the what….

I went through all the steps in my head and realized I forgot baking soda!

The house smells delicious and my cake is a disgrace. So tragic! Tried your recipe, with twice the quantity in circular cake pan..

Turned out really good.. Wonder recipe.. I will try it again with less sugar—even using less than the recipe calls for, it is achingly sweet. I have been wanting to comment on the Marbled Banana Bread for some time now. I have spent much time and gone through many recipes trying to find the ideal one to use up old bananas, something I seem to always have.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite! It is delicious, easy and also freezes well. Thank you so much! I made this again last week, and used my Bundt pan — it came out a bit short not tall but baked in about 25 minutes. Handsdown the best banana bread recipe. Moist and rich in flavour. Replaced AP flour with cake flour.

RECIPE: Boiled Raisin Chocolate Cake

Added brandy. Used Valrhona cocoa powder. Batter still gooey at 55 minutes. Took 70 minutes to bake this. My oh my!! This was an absolute winner! My house now smells delightful with that chocolatey banana aroma. It was simple enough that my 3. But I love it! And so did the rest of my family. Made it twice — loved it every time; will make it again! Followed the directions completely. Looks lovely sliced and is delicious! Made this and froze it for a week. Though I definitely under-baked it initially, I brought it to a potluck four hours away, and it was still well-loved.

Agree with others on the need to swirl a bit more. Will definitely make again! I just found this and knew it would be just the thing for when my crew of kiddos get off the bus on the grey, cold, New England autumn day. I love the Banana bread! Should I add sugar? Or use a different powder? My weekend is definitely better with this in it!! Not an endorsement, just wanted to be clear on the product I used. Stellar results for gluten free foodies and foodies without gluten intolerance, as well! The deep fudgy chocolate balances so well with the earthy banana flavor.