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Its position remains empty zero-anaphora. This is also revealed in rich paradigms of personal suffixes which are used instead. One set of personal suffixes is attached to nominal stems and called possessive suffixes.

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They are involved in the structure of so-called attributive possessive constructions in most Uralic languages. As revealed in their denomination, research on possessive suffixes in Ugric languages, as in most Uralic languages, has primarily viewed them in the light of their function as markers of possessive relations, traditionally referred to as their prototypical use.

While the definition is an abstract collective term, there is a broad consensus among linguists that certain prototypical meanings are covered by the concept of possession. These are: part-whole relations, kinship relations both by blood and marriage , ownership relations as well as a fourth column covering all kinds of association in general e. The use of attributive possessive constructions is very frequent in most Uralic languages and, in a considerable amount of cases, a possessive reading of the relation is excluded, even in the most abstract interpretation of possession.

Such cases, where the so-called prototypical use of possessive suffixes i. This secondary function is for instance likened to the properties of a definite article. Kann ein Catching-up Ostdeutschlands zwischen und gemessen werden?

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Die Wachstumszerlegung, der Data-Envelopment-Ansatz sowie unterschiedliche Daten lassen mehrere Schlussfolgerungen zu. Neben Differenzierungen in den Entwicklungsmustern innerhalb Ost- und Westdeutschlands dominierte die Entwicklung des Kapitalstocks die Ergebnisse.

Export citation Choose an application Reference Manager EndNote RefWorks Direct export to RefWorks Abstract The conflict of priorities over the discovery of differential and integral calculus between Leibniz and Newton is one of the most violent and far-reaching conflicts in the history of science.

It developed slowly - and interestingly- not as a result of a personal conflict between the two scientists, but rather as a result of a conflict that the employees of these men conjured up. The lectures documented in this volume deal with the development of the priority dispute up to its consequences for English analysis in the centuries after Newton.

The volume follows the presentation of Thomas Sonar: The history of the priority dispute between Leibniz and Newton Springer Spektrum Export citation Choose an application Reference Manager EndNote RefWorks Direct export to RefWorks Abstract This study advances a theory that verbal prefixation is a device for displaying the action of the verb in relationship to an abstract conceptual system which can be represented in geometric terms as a framework consisting of two primary axes, a horizontal and a vertical, plus derivative planes and volumes. Or are they made famous by others?

This volume sheds light on strategies of the construction of reputation by way of the discourses on Ferdinand de Saussure in linguistics and romance studies. In order to close this gap of research on Melchior Hoffman and — in the sense of a New Historicism approach — give him as a non-canonical author more attention, this book focuses on the literary qualities of the texts. It is thus the first full-length study on Melchior Hoffman by a literary scholar.

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London: Longmans. Ivir, V. Studies, 1. Zagreb: Institute of Linguistics, James, C. Fox and P.


Hopper eds. Voice: form and function. Amsterdam: Benjamins, Kniffka, H. Elements of culture-contrastive linguistics: Elemente einer kulturkontrastive Linguistik. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. If a flap were to appear word-initially, it would confront articulatory conflict with a high vowel [i] or [j] that is palatalized, resisting palatalization Walsh-Dickey Therefore, [i] or [j] appears word-initially.

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    Seoul, Korea. Savithri, S. A comparative study of basis of articulation in Dravidian and Indo-Aryan languages. It must be said here that a comparison of laxness between two languages is not only quantitative but also qualitative, so to speak. For instance, English is certainly more lax than Spanish, but it is differently lax.