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Living On Air

Forward one post Back one post. Blog Stay or go? Those are times that you were energetically nourished. This is not different than being in a meditative state. Enjoying life is another method of nourishing the body. It is less familiar than food. Other external sources of nourishment can be breathing correctly, spending time outdoors, yoga, sexual energy and many others.

This is feasible, but this is not what I teach as to reach that level one needs to be without any stress and go through a longer and more difficult process. There have been several documented experiments on Pranic living people — some have failed and some have succeeded. In the year , I volunteered to go on TV for eight consecutive days without food or water. I had blood tests taken daily and had two medical doctors overseeing the experiment. For those intrigued — the entire experiment can be watched online at my website.

  1. Living on 'air and energy' instead of food is the latest diet trend.
  2. 'Breatharians' Believe You Can Survive on Air Alone.
  3. ‘Breatharian’ claims she lives on oxygen and fasts for 97 days.

This means that I still eat or drink, but require it at levels that are ridiculous compared to what I needed before plus the annoying sensation of hunger completely disappeared. There were, however, several off the shelf alternative explanations that arose that you can review my writings and videos here. The way I think about it is that the Pranic living process can be envisaged and separated into three distinct phases.

Alone or in a group, having a more difficult system or a more subtle one. In the initiation phase the body of the participants goes through a complete reset, including a deep body detox. As this is a mind body spirit retreat, the change occurs on multiple levels. The initiation process is split into practices of balancing of the four bodies: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

A minimum of three days of dry fasting is required for the physical body to reset itself.

Woman, 25, claims she doesn't eat solid foods, just 'breathes' for energy

The spiritual body is always there with full intent for maturity and growth supporting guidance. The last of the bodies is the emotional body. Usually the first few months right after the initiation. At this phase the need for physical nutrition is almost completely gone and most of the difficulties are from social and personal emotional reasons.

Living on Air - Ron Milo - CTW 2017

This phase can also bring weight loss or weight gain until stabilization. Those that make it through this phase have allowed their body and mind to complete the transition and go onto phase 3. This can also mean that there are certain things in their lives that they must change in order to continually be in the present moment and follow their own path of least resistance. That is the true beauty of this lifestyle.

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  • It is a gift that keeps on giving. I came into it because of a need to know more, learn more and to expand my own consciousness as a researcher. The carnivore diet this is not. Pipe in below and either Ray or I will reply! Ask Ben a Podcast Question. If one considers the life cycle of planets like this one, along with the evolution of her land-based organisms- from cells, to plants, to mammals- then it correlates that respiration for life energy would be the most fundamental form of sustenance, followed by water and food.

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    Also, considering the historically recent introduction of agriculture, the resulting abundance of food, and the indoctrination of the belief that corporate-produced foodstuff is an absolute necessity it certainly is for their profit margin growth , it would make sense that those ancient biological circuits take a bit of priming to turn back on. Perhaps the resistance to, even the possibility, of this idea comes from the deep psychological dependencies and cultural associations of emotions with food. Intriguing to consider the implications if the civilizational scales are someday tipped to this form of self reliance and harmony.

    Thanks Ray and Ben for the awesome share!

    How Breatharianism Works

    Like he said, breathe comes first, then water, then food. Ben, I really appreciate your willingness to sincerely look at anything that comes in front of you. This pranic living is the future of human evolution unquestionably.