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I thought it was something to do with bats and then when I found out what it was, there were lots of rules to learn but it was all worthwhile because Lisa had so much fun — and so did I — especially with the candy. Read the book to find out more about what happens. Tidying my Room: This short story is about my bedroom. All the time.

Mom wants it tidied and I try everything to avoid doing it including distraction and tidying shortcuts but Mom knows everything! Painting my Bedroom: This short story is about the day I decided to paint my bedroom. I forgot to ask first and paint went everywhere. But after a few ups and downs, things turned out really good, just read the story to find out how!

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Moons in Uranus: This funny short story is about our class trip to the Observatory. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 53 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Maddy's Guide to Life , please sign up.

Download e-book Maddys Guide to Life: I Dont Want to go to Bed

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About Kristina Andersen. Kristina Andersen. I do not want to stay in this state for the rest of my life. To me it feels like constant drowning into nothing and I always feel to drained of energy to live life and have any emotions whatsoever. At the end of the day its always easier for me to not feel anything than feeling all the pain inside me. I have felt so numb for months now. All I want is one real friend who I can trust and talk to without them screwing me over and judging me. I am not diagnosed with depression although I have been experiencing these symptoms for a while now.

Some days I have absolutely no motivation to get out of my bed, I feel sad, irritated with just about everyone, I have this constant worry that no one actually likes me and that none of my friends ever want to hang out with me, not to mention that I just get so mad at myself that I start to hate myself. Are their any ways to help stop depression without going to my parents and speaking about it? I went through a bad depression about 25 years ago and with medication I came out of it. About a month ago it hit me like a ton of bricks. I prayed I would never feel like this again.

The anxiety is the worst part.

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I worry about everything especially money. I just count down the hours till I can take a prescription sleep aid and go to sleep. I sleep about 6 hours and wake up with the worst feeling and horrible anxiety and the the vicious cycle starts again.

I would not wish depression on anyone. Everything has changed and I feel uncomfortable. I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of months ago and left my mother which I am so close with. I left college last July and since then I hardly socialise with anyone, I just feel so alone. I go the the gym to make me feel better but I always seem to binge which makes me feel better but makes the situation worse. I used to be so fit and so strict with eating healthy which I used to enjoy.

Now I feel like I have no interest in it all anymore or nothing is worth it. My body is always low on energy and in pain and everyone has become annoying and almost intolerable.

This is how everything is everyday. For me, it just feels like I cannot find any reason to feel joy. Everything seems so meaningless. I feel like I am all alone, kind of like I am always in the bathroom- very isolated, cold, alone, and private. I guess everyone just envisions it differently. I also feel so empty and like I have no one that I can trust or that is there for me. It ends up making me think about the meaning of life and I can never find one.

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Life seems too repetitive and every single thing seems so meaningless. I also feel so unmotivated and avoid things due to this. Substance use, feeling completely pointless and like I am a joke. All I want to do is sleep. But, how to fix this?

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For me personally, depression feels like a warm, fuzzy, heavy blanket warming my chest, sometimes shoulders, making me want to just go to sleep again and again. It manipulates your thinking into these negative things, bringing up cringe-worthy memories and reminding you of every failure, never letting you smile at a memory. You sometimes feel like constantly crying for little to no reason at all, and sometimes you start taking it out on yourself one way or another.

You just want to feel happy for longer than a few seconds or minutes. Sorry for the long paragraph SS.

Download e-book Maddys Guide to Life: I Dont Want to go to Bed

Yes, I feel suffocated and detached — like everything around me is in grey. A feeling of impending doom. I feel like I need someone else to guide me through life — a mentor, or a sensei. The only way I can describe depression is on-going, like a path with no destination. Smiling feels weirdly unnatural. The world has no more wonder. Maybe if this happens, this feeling will go? Physicality is a desease. Every morning i wake up i have no feelings or ambitions. I want to cry and let all the pain out but i cannot. Depression is such a horrible disease. It gives me near constant terrible headaches which feel like a pressure. It causes me to feel in a daze a lot. And the pain.. I can barely lift my arms because I feel like a weight is on them. Evenings and night times are VERY painful as the darkness is heavily triggering for some reason. Something about the quietness and black causes psychological pain.

I never realized how many of you are suffereing like me. It sort of helps to know this. The wrong therapist can do such damage to sensitive souls like us- so PLEASE be careful and listen to your inner self. There are those that can help- but be careful they are few and far between. There has to be a beginning to get better. Take small steps until you feel comfortable right? Maybe being around others that feel the way you do is helpful for a while.