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While America and China spend vast sums on artificial intelligence, which they see as an essential component of their hard power, the EU devolves too much say to industry. Mr Macron warns that slow-moving, head-in-the-clouds Europe must open its eyes and prepare itself for a tougher, less forgiving world. It is an astonishingly bleak picture for a centrist European politician and an avowed internationalist. But it is also unusually thought-through and, as far as Mr Macron is concerned, a spur to action.

Released 2011

It is hard to overstate the scale of the change he is asking from his fellow Europeans. Take defence. But these building-blocks are rudimentary. European governments will be reluctant to plug the gap, since they have other priorities. And then there is diplomacy.

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Mr Macron thinks Europe can best establish its global influence as a power that mediates between the gorillas of China and the United States. A first step would be to get a grip on its own region by rebuilding relations with Russia—a task that he accepts could well take a decade. Again, however, that ambition assumes a unity of purpose that the EU seldom achieves. Many of its members tend to shun hard power for a foreign policy focused on human rights and commerce.

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For him, realpolitik is necessary for European values to prevail. It is not clear his fellow European leaders would agree. Last is industrial policy. Mr Macron wants the state to take strategic decisions over key technologies, and favours a policy to foster European champions. This tends to channel funds and contracts to politically connected incumbents. A better way to create a thriving technology ecosystem would be to encourage more competition. The restaurant can accommodate 55 guests inside and 30 guests outside.

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Alcohol is not sold by the restaurant, however, you can bring your own at no corkage fee. On The Edge Restaurant. Menu Enquire. Contact Details.

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Operating Times Click Here Mon : to Business Information. Share the "About" page. Two of their flagship projects are: Penguin Palooza Young children take part in an arts and crafts project where they learn how to make things such as bracelets and necklaces. Share the "Projects" page. Function Hire.

Share the "Function Hire" page. Breakfast Breakfast starts at 10 am until 12 am and is served with one free tea or coffee.

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Share the "Toasted Sandwiches" page. Seafood All seafood dishes are served with your choice of chips or salad. Calamari R Delectable, tender calamari grilled or fried Hake R95 A superb hake fillet battered and fried or grilled Prawns R Grilled prawns to your satisfaction in delicious garlic sauce Mussels R Half-shelled mussels drenched in a creamy lemon butter or garlic butter sauce Summer platter for two R A full portion of grilled or deep-fried hake, calamari, delicious prawns and half-shelled mussels served with rice and chips Share the "Seafood" page.

First, a coherent conservative vision for what the country should look like is sorely lacking.

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  • This will require a big change in both style and substance. The Conservative party must stop putting short-term electability ahead of big ideas and coherent principles.

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    This game plan demoralizes the base and fails to inspire swing voters. Conservatism does well when it is optimistic, hopeful and patriotic.

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    • We are too often seen as negative and nasty. The first order of business is to renew and redefine social policy. The tensions between so-called social conservatives and social liberals have always been present and debates around these issues have plagued the Tories for at least six consecutive elections. Going forward, Canadian conservatism should reposition itself as the champion of strong families — regardless of their makeup. This means taking the same-sex marriage debate off the table and focusing on promoting the value of getting married, staying married and raising children.

      It also means leaving more decision-making power to families themselves. When it comes to school choice, parental leave, and health care to name just a few parents are in a better position to make the right choices for their children. We must encourage all people who want to mutually care for each other and formalize bonds.

      Family units are the most basic bulwark against a big, expensive state and the most important tool a society has in community building. Policy should be built around doing everything we can to support and encourage them. The time has also come to shout from the mountaintops that the never-ending drive to continue raising the basic personal income tax exemption, which leads to more and more Canadians not paying any federal tax at all, is bad policy.

      For example, conservatives could posit that taxation will be calculated by family, not by individual a radical extrapolation of the income-splitting concept introduced by Stephen Harper and gutted by Justin Trudeau.