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Rather, he used it as an opportunity to make a name of his own. This Kerala based talented chess player looks up to Vishwanathan Anand and wants to play with him some day. Contribute to his cause and help him live his dreams. The funds will be used to open the academy which will provide a stable income to his family along with creating many young chess champions.

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How I made it: Viswanathan Anand, Chess player - SUPPLEMENTS News - Issue Date: Nov 8,

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By Jaideep Unudurti I look at the chessboard — I have an extra pawn and it looks like my prospects are good. My year-old opponent thinks for a moment, and his rook slices down the board. A sacrifice! I take the offered rook but now his queen and knight begin a series of checks.

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It will end in only one way — checkmate. The king is dead. Long live the king. Frederic Friedel, founder of ChessBase, a leading chess software firm, says Prag is actually ahead of Magnus Carlsen , the current world champion, when Carlsen was at a similar age. Seven months ago. Hyderabad, November All through the dinner, the five-time world champion was glancing at his smartphone.

He was checking an app that tracks the moves played in chess tournaments all over the world. Prag was in Italy at that time, playing the World Junior, the same event Anand had won in The record was set in by Sergey Karjakin, at the age of 12 years and 7 months. Anand was watching Prag play against a top American player, Awonder Liang. The Giuoco Piano is an opening, also known as the Italian Game, which was popularised over years ago in medieval Italy.

It leads to complex, strategic battles, which is what unfolded there. Prag is the real deal. The basic ingredients are all there — just needs to be the complete package -Viswanathan Anand Anand and I analysed some of my recent games. He was giving moves so fast, moves ahead of me all the time.

He reminded me that he had to play four times in the World Junior before winning — and he was already 14 when he played the first time, much older than Prag was now. As Anand studied the position, he said Prag was going to notch up a full point. How would he assess a promising player — by their tactics or their strategy? So, is Prag the real deal, I asked Anand. Yes, he is the real deal, he says emphatically.

Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, 41, began his journey with chess at the age of six.

All he needs to do is dot the i's and cross the t's. The basic ingredients are all there, just needs to be the complete package. He is also the world's youngest GM at the moment Karjakin is now 18 and closer to that complete package Anand talked about. This is where Prag's journey began at the coaching academy run by Grandmaster RB Ramesh, which has helped propel him and many others to the top league. The L-shaped hall is crammed with tables with chessboards.

This Blind Chess Player Can Play Against 10 Perfectly Visioned Players Simultaneously – And Win!

There are trophies everywhere. Prag and his elder sister Vaishali are playing a mock game for a television channel, but even then the voracious appetite the two have for chess is evident: they are taking the game semi-seriously, playing proper moves. Their parents Rameshbabu, a bank employee, and Nagalakshmi, who travels with the children to tournaments look on proudly.

2. Deal with Losses

They live in Padi, a suburb of Chennai, some 20 km from the academy. How did Prag get into chess? It began nine years ago. Vaishali was watching too much television, and her parents enrolled her in a chess academy as a diversion. Vaishali brought the game home. Prag, who was three and a half, watched his sister and pestered her to teach him the rules, which he soon mastered.

This is fairly extraordinary most prodigies, including Anand and Carlsen, learnt around the age of six. Prag also shares a trait with the legendary Bobby Fischer in that he was taught by his sister rather than a parent. I ask about the rather unusual name Praggnanandhaa. Rameshbabu shows his pendant.

Playing to Win The Journey of A Young Chess Player

We are devotees of Kalki Bhagwan, he says. A priest from the Kalki ashram picked the names for both children, including Praggnanandhaa delight of the intellect , for he had said that one day the boy would have the world under his feet. Prag soon began playing tournaments. His extreme youth meant he was playing much older children.

He was never scared, says his father. The prodigy joined the academy and has been commuting by bus every day. Prags first game as a GM will be one for the record books it was a smashing victory against World No. After that game, So said, I think my opponent is a genius. Are you busy preparing now? I ask Prag. I just want to have fun, he says. I ask him about the Gredine Open, which netted him the GM title.

World Chess Champion Carlsen vs 9-year old girl !!!

Prag had the norm in the bag but still had a round to play against the strong Dutch player Pruijssers Roeland. He just needed a draw. My mother said a draw was OK but I wanted to play, he says with a smile. When Roeland went wrong in the opening, he relentlessly applied pressure and snared him in a checkmating net.

I ask him about his best game a win over GM Alex Bachmann two years ago, which shot him into the limelight. Prag had just turned 11 then. He zips through the moves to show me, but gets stuck he cant remember the exact sequence.