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It is very clear in scripture that God has ordained a specific order for the family where the husband is the spiritual leader. One reason for this is that the spiritual leader should be active and not passive. Transcending into the female role or image is usually a passive role. Another problem is when male children are involved and the father models a passive image.

The children are likely to carry that image into their own marriages and experience all kinds of difficulties. Personally, it was very difficult for me to even discuss this subject with my two sons, much less let them see me in the act. My sons and I have a great relationship and I am teaching them the importance of active leadership in the home.

Also keep in mind that something can be a sin even if there is no direct reference to it in the Word. You must submit an issue to the "whole test" of the Word. In other words, is the practice consistent with the overall teaching of the Bible? It is entirely possible to construct all kinds of arguments to justify a particular sin, even in the presence of numerous New Testament references indicating otherwise. One current example of this is the justification of homosexuality as Scripturally permissive. The Bible also speaks to the issue that some things are permissible, but not all things are expedient.

So, we can reason that some common sense and judgment is needed to make the call. If cross-dressing is a problem in your relationship to God, your wife, or anyone else close to you, then you might consider it as one of the not so expedient things to do. I consider myself to be the kind of believer that could "eat meat sacrificed to idols" and it not bother me in the least. In other words, I am not a legalist. While searching for an answer to the question of cross-dressing being a sin, I realized that I was looking for a black and white literal answer in the Word that was not there. My reasoning was that if the prohibition was not there, it was OK to cross-dress.

It occurred to me that on this issue, I had become a legalist! As Christians we know that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. So, for me, I believe cross-dressing is a sin because: 1.

What is the official church teaching on homosexuality? Responding to a commonly asked question

It is deception - Yes, most of us to some degree modify our appearance to cover imperfections and to look our best although sometimes the modifications look worse than the imperfection! However, to equate this with being completely transformed to look like the opposite sex is a huge leap of reasoning. This gender confusion can cause many kinds of relationship problems. A cross-dressing father is a confusing model for children 4. It is not healthy for most marriage relationships. The real test of whether or not something is a sin is your comfort level in doing it in front of people you go to church with.

Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage - Focus on the Family

For example, would you feel at ease dressing up and attending church "en femme? I do know that for many men who are in conflict between cross-dressing and their faith, the compulsion to cross-dress is a spiritual bondage. You dream about it at night, you read about it, you fantasize about it, and before long you want to go public. I personally would spend many hours on the Internet looking at web sites of other cross-dressers. When anything goes to this point of compulsion, there is a spiritual stronghold. The Lord is to be the center of our attention and the object of our praise.

When I was set free from the bondage, I could finally see the issues much more clearly. The more you bring the issue into the light the less power the bondage has over you. It is a very freeing experience to "confess your faults one to another that you may be healed. I can only give you my perspective. You must be convicted in your own spirit as to the right and wrong of cross-dressing before you can change. Is it Possible to Change? Most secular psychologists will tell you that a cross-dresser might go into remission, but will relapse during times of stress. They also say the same about homosexuals.

I can also point you to others who have been set free from cross-dressing, homosexuality, and other areas of sexual brokenness for many years.

What is the official church teaching on homosexuality? Responding to a commonly asked question

First Stone Ministries defines Sexual Brokenness as: Devastation brought about by behaviors outside of God's original intent of sexuality. I was able to remember many details in the dream when I wrote it down. Because of its vividness, it seemed more like a vision:.

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Out of this, God gave me this dream in which I went on an investigative mission of visiting churches, hunting for places to bless. I ended up in a particular church…. This dream is about the present state of the institutional church. There are good things in this dream, and there are bad things in it.

But it was altogether eye-opening. The book concludes with a prophetic word I received about the reformation of giving and financing in the coming move of God.

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Sorry, Jeremiah, but our children’s (and grandchildren’s) teeth ARE set on edge

You have even become a part of Christ Himself! You are one with Him in body and spirit. You are now seated in heavenly places with Him, and if you have been filled with the Holy Spirit, you have received the same anointing that Jesus had when He walked the earth. The Church is not merely an institution, it is the anointed Body of Christ in the earth, filled with all the fullness of the Godhead. Read this book to discover who you are in Christ and the power that belongs to you!

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We must have revival. This book traces the history of Christian renewals that were accompanied by physical manifestations, from New Testament times to the present day.

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This brief but in-depth Bible study, geared toward church leadership, examines the biblical origins of the tithe. It begins with a discussion of stewardship and the important principles of caring for the resources the Creator has entrusted to us. It examines tithing in the lives of the patriarchs, reveals the purpose of the tithe in the community of Israel, and finally indicts the priesthood for misappropriation of funds in Malachi 3. Discover the answer to this burning question—and never again be coerced to give more than you can afford, or more than what your heart tells you to give.

Although this teaching flies in the face of what is popularly taught from pulpits today, The Truth About Tithing reveals what the Bible really teaches. To walk in financial freedom, get it now. Deliverance failed. And reparative therapy made me want to commit suicide. I tried everything over the course of twenty years to rid myself of same-sex attraction. I realized I could no longer deny who I was simply because my spiritual community held narrowly prescribed notions of what was acceptable, moral, and holy.

So I decided to be true to myself, to discover who God had really made me to be. So I came out of the closet and took Christ with me. I answered with a long letter sharing my feelings and espousing my hard-earned beliefs. Response to a Concerned Heterosexual Christian is adapted from this reply.