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Laurel Bollinger. College Literature Openness to contingency: Huckleberry Finn and the morality of phronesis. Studies in the Humanities. Hansen, Chadwick. Online ed. Student Resource Center - Gold. Council Rock High School South. Study Guide. Regionalism and Local Color Fiction. Donna Campbell. American History Through Literature By: Jackson, Robert. Southern Literary Journal, Fall, Vol.

By: Krauth, Leland. American Literature, Oct82, Vol. Literary Criticism.

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Schmitz, Neil. By: Scott, Kevin Michael.

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Studies in the Novel, Summer, Vol. Explicator , Summer, Vol. Boston: Twayne Publishers, Hoffman, Michael. Masterplots, Revised Second Edition, Deadpan Huck. Sacvan Bercovitch. The Kenyon Review.

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Summer-Fall p Huckleberry Finn: A Southwestern Statement. New Haven, Conn. Kent Rasmussen. Cyclopedia of Literary Places, It had appeared in under the signature "Sinceritas" in the London Lady's Magazine. See Barnard , and Abrams , , note I September : Signed "S. Signed: "Bob Shorthand. The attribution of prose pieces from The Lady's Magazine was initially asserted as "speculation" in Stearns The at tribution was accepted by Bennett , , who added more items to Stearns' list, and Weber inherited the items from Bennett.

Nowhere in this chain of attribution is evidence offered to justify the link to Brown, however, while numerous elements suggest the attribution is mistaken. The piety of the Essayist series, for example, is at odds with Brown's emphatic secularism and anti-clericalism during the s. II December : Even earlier printings date back to at least Signed "W.

It first appeared as "Trifles" No. I, no. See Smith , ; Waterman , A Poem. By Mr. London: Printed for the Author They may as easily have come from B.

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Rush to Samuel Miller. President of the College of New Jersey 8vo. Halsey and Co. Samuel Miller was likely responsible for most of the magazine's religious content.

Much more than documents.

Possibly written by several individuals. Thomas Dobson," Monthly Magazine , I. In four Acts. Translated by Charles Smith. Printed for C. Smith and S. Stephens, by M.

Printed by T. Swords, for P. John Blair Linn, A. Port-Folio I. Signed "G B Its addition to the bibliography may have been an error in the first place. See for example "Population Act," in the London Christian Observer volume 3 "For the Year "; apparently printed in late , , which includes the same language as Brown's piece.

Continued in and Most notably, the tale's masculinist moralizing on female character is at odds with Brown's consistently Wollstonecraftian positions. Listed in the volume's Table of Contents as "Story of Cecilia, from Literary Leisure," although this source has not yet been located.

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See Barnard , and Abrams , Continued from ; continued in Continued from and Continuation of Also reprinted as This selection is a drawn from vol. This volume was widely reviewed and the two orations widely excerpted. The earlier three instalments of "Memoirs of Count de Parades" was reprinted from the same source. John Moore. Account of a Fire-ball which fell in the neighbourhood of Laigle…By C.

Biot…dated July 20, It too was reprinted in the Samuel L. The Medical Repository text includes an ellipsis at the end of sentence 1, indicating the piece is extracted from another source not yet located. VI , Continued as Darwin [No. The first paragraph introducing the se lection is possibly by Brown. The next several items on "The Vampire," "The Rhinoceros" etc. Reprinted from London Monthly Magazine August , Gall of Vienna.

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Signed "C. Darwin , etc. London: J.

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