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It is also not so difficult to learn if you have a knowledgeable and qualified music teacher as well as the right violin book to help you learn.

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Violin books typically have all the tutorials and instructions that make the early steps of learning to play the violin so much easier. By combining a good violin book with a skilled teacher, it becomes easy mastering the string instrument. How do you know which violin book is right for you? There are certain things to look out for when you are trying to buy a violin book either for yourself or for your loved ones who are learning how to play the violin.

As far as violin books go, this is one of the most comprehensive books that you can get. Not only does it cover everything you need to know about the theoretical aspects of music as a whole, this violin book offers so many tips about how to play the violin that it makes it worthwhile. The Suzuki method is a very interesting process and this violin book has several pages dedicated to fundamental skills such as bowing and finger positioning.

With so many extra exercises and comments for both students and teachers, there is enough for you to learn with.

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The violin book also features a CD with many recordings that can be used for practice. When you are trying to learn a new musical instrument, it is important to choose the materials you learn with carefully.

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The Essential Elements for Strings puts together exercises that are specifically tailored to the instrument of choice and gives both students and instructors materials that they can utilize to become better musicians the right way, a solid foundation of the basics of music. One of the best features of this violin book is that it also contains a lot of online music materials that students can make use no matter where they find themselves. With so much content and practice exercises curated for both classroom and other learning environments, it is easy to use this violin book to develop true well-grounded musicians.

Janice Tucker Rhoda is well known for this violin book that brings plenty of creative violin instruction materials and popular tunes for everyone to learn. One of the key reasons why the ABCs of Violin is such a popular book is because of the high number of digital materials that comes with the book. You get a lot of trainer DVDs, violin solo tracks and other performance tracks to practice with.

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The book also covers fundamental techniques such as tuning, counting a musical metronome, rosining techniques and string plucking which are little things that make the difference between average and skilled violin players. This violin book is highly recommended for any aspiring musician or anyone looking to gain some skill playing the violin either as an amateur or performer. Studying how to play the violins and its intricacies sometimes pose challenges for learners when they are trying to learn the violin from top to bottom rather than starting from the foundation.

This set of books takes the pain to start the violin lessons from the basics. It is popularly used by a lot of violin instructors and is also highly recommended for new players of the violin. It teaches the simple things that will help to improve playing technique. The print of the book is quite easy to read, and it is suitable for both beginners who want to start learning how to play the violin and also intermediate players who want to perfect their bowing technique.

You cannot become a truly talented violin or other stringed instruments if you do not understand positioning. Learning how to play positions is the only way that a violin player can transcend the skill levels from beginner to intermediate or expert. The author of the book, Harvey Whistler, goes in depth into the various positions that are commonly used for string instruments and explains them in great detail and clarity. The first volume of the book focuses on the third and fifth positions which are crucial to playing the violin either as a serious amateur or as a professional.

In fact, this is one of the most recommended books for students of stringed instruments. These musical exercises make use of repetition to help students learn how to read notes for stringed instruments. The book is particularly important for learners of the Suzuki Method who need to practice their note reading. I Can Read Music is written in a way that all the ideas are easy to assimilate, simple enough to follow and use as a teaching guide at home as a violin book.

If you are looking for the best and most comprehensive violin books for teaching violin playing to beginners, Violin For Dummies is one of them. It is filled with so many details about everything you need to know about playing the violin. It starts from the basics like the correct ways for holding your violin to playing many of the well-known violin tunes and perfecting them.

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What this violin does well is improved on all the strong points of the first edition and add more materials for both tutors and students alike. This includes new music for practising, teaching aids for violin instructors and digital resources that can be downloaded after purchase. Ivan Galamian was a fantastic violin teacher who developed a system of teaching violin to people that were easy to understand and straightforward.

This includes finger positioning, how to get around difficult tones and understanding the interactions between the speed of the playing bow, its weight, and sounding points. The book contains more than enough lessons and insight into playing the violin that it is highly recommended for all skill levels.

Samuel Applebaum wrote the String Builder tutorial to violins. The book can actually be applicable to other string instruments. One of the distinguishing factors of this book is that the content of the material is arranged in a clear and concise manner so that self-teaching is encouraged. All the lessons are also arranged in such a way that the difficulty increases as you advance further in the book. The String Builder provides an easy way to learn how to read musical notes and also learn some theoretical knowledge. The learning pace is good for learners of all ages and there are loads of practicing content to help in sharpening the basics and increasing competence with ease.

The book also comes in both a Kindle and paperback format which provides flexibility for students. Having a teacher for your first violin lessons is one of the best ways to learn how to play the violin.

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However, this book is an easy remedy for those who have access to a violin without understanding music totally. What the songbook for violins contains is over 50 songs for new violin players to learn with. The violin tabs are included so that students can have a stress-free way of learning and practicing. There is also a level system that allows beginners to identify songs that correspond to their level of expertise. The easy violin tab system which the book uses makes violin learning easy and with constant practice, you will be sure to become a maestro in no time.

The All For Strings Theory Book is made up of most of the important musical fundamentals that any beginner should have a strong grasp of.

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The theory aspect of music is critical to having a total understanding of the key concepts of violin playing and music. The violin book contains about color-coded flash memory cards that have proven to be a highly capable learning aid. These flashcards help to test the key features and concepts that are discussed in the book. Featuring a performance and practice piano only track for each piece! Available for purchase via our site.

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This book, used in our Fiddleheads Ensemble classes , presents 36 lessons on basic techniques by applying them to fiddle tunes. Lessons are explained step by step and fingerings are given for every note. Each version builds on the previous one and helps students to create their own arrangements. A meticulous collection of recordings, square and contra dances, fiddle contests, jam sessions and individual fiddlers, providing a snapshot of what American fiddlers were playing and listening to in the latter part of the 20th Century. Over classic and lesser-known fiddle tunes in hornpipe style from all parts of the USA, some with multiple versions.

Classical players, these short pieces will solidify scales and arpeggios and can serve as effective and fun exercises for all violin students, not just fiddlers. Over tunes transcribed from the playing of some of the greatest traditional fiddlers of the past and present including Benny Thomasson, Bob Walters, Howdy Forrester, James Bryan, Rodney Miller, Ruthie Dornfeld, and many more. Whatever your skill level, if you are devoted to the noble art of playing the violin, this course is sure to enhance your technique. The Lobko Method will increase your understanding of playing throughout the fingerboard in the most rational and comfortable way, facilitating the discovery of technical solutions even while sight reading.

The roots of great success or unexplainable failure often lie in simple technical errors that have become habits. To help you correct these habits, brilliant technical concepts gleaned from various books by the best violin teachers of the past are brought together here in simple, easy to follow formulas.

These books are used for all new private students at Fiddleheads Violin Studio and are Rhiannon's personal favourites for beginners.

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Theory Workbooks 1 and 2 are correlated with the All for Strings method books and are suitable for classroom or individual use.