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Here are his personal thoughts about the issue of blind people and guns: The issue of guns is one of the most divisive topics in modern American politics. Some see gun ownership as a cherished right and tradition that should be protected and expanded, while others see it as a risk to public safety that should be more tightly controlled and regulated. The issue of blind people owning and using guns has recently factored into the contentious debate.

The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Official Video)

Most recently it was Iowa, where National Federation of the Blind state president Mike Barber garnered international attention when he spoke out on the rights of the blind to buy a gun or obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun. The National Federation of the Blind, the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans, understands that guns are dangerous weapons and that anyone who owns, carries, or uses them must therefore exercise great care and sound judgment in doing so.

State firearms laws must be applied in a nondiscriminatory manner to blind individuals.

How Does Your Eye See Colors?

That belief assumes that a blind person is incapable of being anything other than careless and that a blind person will haphazardly fire without any awareness or regard where the bullet may strike. Such a belief is based on a lack of understanding of blindness and of the capabilities of people who are blind. It assumes that blind people lack the ability to reason and exercise common sense.

Those who contend that a blind person should not be allowed to possess a gun would add us to the list of people who are prohibited by federal law from purchasing or owning a firearm. What is lacking from the current debate is any comparable study showing that there is a problem with blind people owning guns or, even more implausibly, that blind people are somehow more likely to commit gun-related crimes.

Instead, people who are blind are simply assumed to lack capacity or constitute a danger.

Sudden Total or Near-Total Vision Loss

There are countless circumstances when a sighted person cannot see what he or she might shoot. For instance a. A 9mm pistol is also capable of firing through more than one wall and has a maximum range of over a mile. Even the diminutive. A gun can also be fired in the pitch black of night, in a darkened room, in thick smoke, or in a dense fog. Bullets can also ricochet in unpredictable directions.

In other words a sighted gun owner has the potential to shoot people he cannot see. This is exactly the same argument made against people who are blind. The only difference is that a blind person is presumed to be inherently incapable of exercising good judgment, whereas a sighted person is presumed to be capable of using good judgment.

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Conversely, the presence of sight does not bestow good judgment or infallible decision-making. Even highly trained law enforcement officers with perfect vision can misinterpret what they see and make a tragic error, such as the case of a child with a toy gun being mistaken for a criminal with a real firearm. The issue of blind people firing guns is far from new. The three Marines were manning an M The Japanese attack began at AM. Schmid, Rivers, and Diamond responded by firing their machine gun against the attacking Japanese troops, who were yelling and shouting at the American forces.

Schmid took over the machine gun after Rivers was killed and Diamond was wounded in the arm. Diamond spotted targets in the dark, and pointed in the direction Schmid was to fire. After battling this way for several hours, Schmid was seriously wounded in the face and arm by an exploding hand grenade. It's not a functional low vision definition and doesn't tell us very much at all about what a person can and cannot see. A living room viewed through a constricted visual field. Source: Making Life More Livable.

Home Modifications for the Visually Impaired or Blind – The Complete Guide

Used with permission. For more information on the definitions of legal blindness, you can read Disability Evaluation Under Social Security , a publication from the Social Security Administration. Low vision optical , non-optical , and electronic magnifying devices can make it possible for you to do a variety of everyday tasks, including. To learn more about the many different types of reading options that are available, see Reading, Writing, and Vision Loss on the VisionAware website.

Much like low vision, there are many different definitions of visual impairment.

Here is an example of the variations in the term "visual impairment" or "visually impaired" from the World Health Organization Levels of Visual Impairment :. Like the term "legal blindness," "visual impairment" is not a functional definition that tells us very much about what a person can and cannot see. It is a classification system, rather than a definition. These terms describe the ability to perceive the difference between light and dark, or daylight and nighttime. A person can have severely reduced vision and still be able to determine the difference between light and dark, or the general source and direction of a light.

Total blindness is the complete lack of light perception and form perception, and is recorded as "NLP," an abbreviation for "no light perception. Few people today are totally without sight. Living room image source: From Maureen A. There are also extra precautions you will need to take to stay safe and organized in your house. However, there are still plenty of inexpensive, simple ways to make your house safer and more livable. As with those who have low vision, people who are fully blind will want to remove as many trip hazards and obstacles as possible. Things should always be placed in the same spot, and you should make sure your family follows these house rules whenever possible.

Other tips to keep yourself safe from hazards at home include:. Installing safe, non-slip flooring throughout your home is one of the best things you can do for your safety. Nowadays, there are even tactile warning strips and tiles to help you navigate throughout your house with ease.

Here are some things you can do to your floor to keep you safe:. Adding tactile elements to your interior design can help you use your sense of touch to navigate your house with ease. There are several things you can keep in mind when designing your home or that you can easily modify after the fact.

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You should:. These home adaptations are simple and can give you a sense of independence and safety while performing everyday tasks. Part of feeling at home in your living space is being able to function and use technology normally.

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These tips can help you stay in touch with your loved ones and the world more easily:. If you or your loved one is fully blind you might have a seeing-eye dog. This can be a life-changing opportunity, but it requires lots of preparation. While we could write an entire guide on this subject alone, here are some easy modifications you can make for your service dog:. While many home modifications for the blind are on the lower end of the cost spectrum, it can still feel overwhelming to make these changes.

Making your home comfortable, navigable and safe should be top priority and there are several organizations ready to help. While costs will vary greatly depending on the modifications you require, there are some general price estimates available.

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If you have recently become visually impaired or are changing to a new living situation that will need accommodations, you can contact your local social services department and find a social worker that can help fund your home improvements. However, if you are unable to, there are options available to help you cover some or all of the costs.

If your home modifications are going to be major, you may want to consider some of the above resources. Luckily, you can make many of the modifications listed in this guide at a low cost.