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Anyone can get GBS, but the condition is more common in adults than in children, and more men than women are diagnosed with GBS each year. In AIDP, the immune system mistakenly attacks the protective nerve covering that helps transmit nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body.

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These feelings may spread to the arms and face. The chest muscles can also be affected. Up to a quarter of people with GBS experience problems breathing. In very severe cases, people with GBS may lose all muscle function and movement, becoming temporarily paralyzed. Your doctor may then recommend additional tests that can help detect and measure changes in nerve function. Spinal tap: Your doctor will insert a needle into your lower back and remove a small amount of spinal fluid for testing.

Electromyography: Thin needles are inserted into certain muscles to measure nerve activity in the muscles.

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Nerve conduction: You'll receive small shocks from electrodes taped to your skin, allowing your doctor to measure nerve function. Some people with GBS need a breathing tube and machine to help them breathe.

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Most people make a full recovery from GBS, but some people experience lingering problems, including:. Researchers from around the world are currently studying possible links between GBS and Zika.

People with GBS are typically treated in a hospital. Some people with GBS require breathing assistance, a heart monitor, or other medical devices to assist with basic bodily functions while their nerves recover. April 06, ; 84 14 Supplement April 21, First published April 8, ,. Abubaker Almadani. Neurology Apr , 84 14 Supplement P2.

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