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Please post and discuss anything even remotely to do with Ancient Egypt and Mysteries. Or perhaps even cover some mysteries that only partially involve Ancient Egypt--maybe like the Amanda Peabody series. Edited: Feb 12, , am. It seems like a lot of people don't like it, but I did Akhnaton by Agatha Christie is a murder mystery that takes place in Ancient Egypt.

I thought it was pretty good.

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Feb 16, , pm. I have read the entire Linda S. Robinson series and I understand that she could not find a publisher to continue the series. I believe that the same is true of Lauren Haney. I really like both of them. I also like the Amerotke series, I find the scenes with his dwarf servant very funny. I have not had occasion to read Brad Geagley, but I would like to.

There are three of them but I have not read any of them yet. I have the second one in the series in my TBR stack, and will report back when I finish it. The Amelia Peabody mysteries are good, I like the earlier ones better for some unknown reason. I will have to figure it out. Feb 22, , am.

I'd read her Death on the Nile of course Imedgerton-- That's too bad that Robinson and Haney couldn't find publishers for their series! Feb 23, , pm. I forgot that P. Doherty also has another series set in ancient Egypt set during the time of Akhenaten. Nick Drake also has a book out called Nefertiti and there is another one that is supposed to come out by him this year that continues that series.

I have read this one and it was quite good, another take on Nefertiti, different from that of Linda S. Jun 7, , pm. I have read several of the P. Doherty series and also the Lord Meren series, but in the last couple of years have been unable to find the Lord Meren books. Has Robinson stopped writing this series? I really would like to read more; enjoy the historical aspect of the books. Any input on this from anyone? Jun 21, , am. Edited: Aug 1, , pm. Yes, I have read Anton Gill's whole series.

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They are not bad, in fact you could say they were good, but they weren't great. It may be the tone of his writing. He seems detached, so that there isn't the vibrant feeling that you get from say the best historical mysteries: The Lindsey Davis, Falco mysteries set in ancient Rome. The series got better for me as it went along. I read them one after the other, and though they were good, it wasn't a series where I was sad when it was over. Your mileage may vary. Gill's books are meaty though and for me better than either Haney or Robinson, whom I consider to be 'lite'.

The series by P. Mine is on the way. Doherty also has a non-fiction book called The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamun , mine is from the UK, so I don't know if it was published here or not. He is sent to Iraq on a secret mission. I think this book is even better than the first.

Carol Thurston has a book called The Eye of Horus which is split between modern day, and ancient Egypt. It is about a mysterious artifact mummy that the moderns in a museum are studying, and the ancient part is what happened to her. Of course all of Christian Jacq's books. Some books are better than others because they are translated into English. Suzanne Frank or Suzanne Frank has a time travel romance series where the two main characters keep changing time periods. The first book starts in the modern day and the switches to ancient Egypt.

It is called Reflections in the Nile. It is lite and fluffy, and a bit pink, but not bad. Judith Tarr has several books set in Egypt. She writes as though the magic and gods of the ancient world were real, so some don't like the 'fantasy' element. Aug 1, , pm. I can second the recommendation for Brad Geagley; I loved both his books. I have not heard whether any more are on the horizon, unfortunately. I couldn't get into P. I just didn't like his writing style.

Maybe I'll try again one of these days. Ficus, I'll be adding some of your recommendations to my TBR list. Thanks for the truly impressive post!! Thank you, hope you enjoy the books.

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On Brad Geagley: I talked to him email maybe a year ago. He was at the publishing house that had Michael Korda as a big time editor. Korda was forced out and those under him were also canned. One of the them was Geagley's editor, so no more books. He has an agent, and the agent suggested that he not write another book of Egyptian mystery because he would get pigeon-holed as only doing one thing. I think Geagley said he had the story arc mapped out for up to 7 books or so, and did want to continue at some point. He was working on a novel about Cleopatra, as his next project. Haven't emailed him recently, and don't know if he is still working on the book, or if he is done, and just trying to get it published.

Also: Nefertiti by Moran Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead by Drake Both are good, though with some problems, and both have a second book coming that follows the story in the first book.

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I read Moran's Nefertiti, and thought it was just okay. I felt like I was reading the same scene over and over between Mutny and Nefertiti. Hopefully, Brad Geagley will disregard his agent's advice about being pigeonholed. Isn't that what series writers do, write multiple books with the same setting?

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Seems like sort of silly advice to me. I thought the writing in Moran's book was better, and she sucked me right in.

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I felt a certain high-school-ishness to the book because their outlook Mutny, Nefer, Ankhenaten , expectations, and behavior were often so trivial and over the top emotionally, over minor stuff. I suspect the advice was because he was just starting out, and lost his place. Perhaps there isn't a big market for historical fiction mysteries that aren't blockbusters? I think Robinson and Haney have had to stop too.

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But I agree its sad. Publishers probably don't want to wait for a series and a following to develop anymore. Now is books and if you aren't a best seller its out the door. Aug 16, , pm. I found a series by Christian Jacq, can't remember where!