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This is hardly the first time Game of Thrones has inspired a species name. The mother readily admits to breaking the leg lamp, but claims it was an accident that happened while she was watering plants. Some viewers believe her, while others think that she did it deliberately because she was sick of looking at the thing, and indeed she does confirm she thinks it's "the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my entire life" after it breaks. So what really happened? Look at the expression on her face just as she heads into the front room with her watering can, knowing she will be only with the lamp for a moment, and listen to the sheer force of the breaking sound which is particularly impressive since it sounds like glass and the lamp was plastic.

She definitely meant to do it. These days we think of Christmas as a season that begins roughly at the end of Thanksgiving Macy's calls the arrival of Santa at the end of their Thanksgiving Day Parade the start of the season, for example and continues at least until Christmas Day, and for some families until Epiphany on January 6.

55+ Best Christmas Movies of All Time, Starting With 'A Christmas Story'

It's a period of weeks packed with decorations, shopping, seasonal program, and all manner of parties and other events. The way Ralphie obsesses over Christmas in the film, you'd think that it would be similar for him, but in the ish era in which the film takes place, that's just not the case.

For the Parker family, Christmas as an observable holiday really only lasts a couple of days. They go and get the Christmas tree and decorate it, then Christmas Eve arrives shortly thereafter and the family packs in a parade, shopping, and visits to Santa all in one night. There is no Black Friday, no long period of shipping gifts to the front door, no early December Christmas parades and no long slog of Christmas parties to march through on the way to the big day. The Parkers basically wait until Christmas as a day to arrive, and then celebrate.

It's not a huge plot point, and kids might not notice it, but adults whose entire schedules are thrown out of whack in December definitely do. The leg lamp in A Christmas Story has become so iconic that it's almost more famous than any of the film's actual human characters. It's on Christmas ornaments, on strands of lights, and even exists in replica form, but until it arrives at the Parker residence, it could be anything. The Old Man comes home from work one day, says he's going to be getting "a major award" that every night, and then a crate show up.

Before it does, though, the Old Man is just musing aloud about what the award might be, and even dares to think that his company might be sending him the deed to his very own bowling alley. This raises a couple of questions: What does the Old Man do for a living, and what on Earth did he do to earn a major award that could range from a weird novelty lamp all the way to a piece of commercial property? We don't learn much about the Old Man's work, because Ralphie doesn't really care that much as a kid, and the fluidity of this moment and what exactly might have happened just further underlines a common kid truth: They often really don't know what their parents do all day.

When the hard Midwest winter comes in A Christmas Story , Ralphie's mother bundles up Randy Ian Petrella in such a way that Ralphie even compares it to deep sea diving, and Randy famously complains that he's got on so many layers that he can't put his arms down. Once outside, Randy can't even get up off the ground by himself when he's knocked because his movement is so hampered. It's comical, but it also makes you think of what exactly was supposed to happen when he got to school.

Randy couldn't very well pull all of that stuff off himself, so who was doing it for him? More importantly, who was re -bundling him when it was time to go home for the day? Somewhere in that school there's a poor employee who had to be on Randy Parker Winter Wear duty day after day, and they very likely weren't happy about it. There's the furnace that won't stop acting up in the basement, the Oldsmobile that won't run right, and of course, the dogs next door. We know very little about the Bumpus family in the house beside the Parkers.

All we really know is that they have a lot of dogs and those dogs really hate the Old Man in an almost pathological way. They follow him from his car to his door, try to push their way in at every possibility, and ultimately devour the family's turkey when the door is left open just enough for them to get through and wreak havoc. Dogs will be dogs, of course, but the film doesn't tell us what else is going on that allows this to happen. Do the Bumpuses just not care? Are they never home?

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Things only adults notice in A Christmas Story

Do the dogs ever bother other neighbors? Why hasn't the old man marched over and had it out with Mr. Bumpus, or even gone to the police to complain about a continued nuisance in the neighborhood? Of course, the plot answer is so he still has to do battle with the dogs, but it's hard not to wonder how things got this bad in the first place.

The Pink Bunny Suit & The Leg Lamp Need To Happen

All rights reserved. The opposite sex. A complicated Santa connection. The darkness of bullying.

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Jim Carrey. George C. Alastair Sim.

The opposite sex

Michael Caine. Chevy Chase. Will Ferrell. Bing Crosby. Jack Black. It's one of my favorites.

The opposite sex

I've never seen it before. I usually watch it once a year. It's a good one. I like it, but I don't really need to see it again. I've never seen it.

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I saw it once. It was weird. I've seen it more times than I can count. I've seen it a few times. Clarence Odbody.